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The Three Layers of Culture

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In one of my earlier posts, I had suggested that culture operates at 3 levels. It is the personal, the familial and the communal/national. We shift into anyone of these roles automatically. And this is what I had meant by the term Cultobot. A cultobot is one who has automated certain types of cultural responses Cultobots mechanically negotiate communal and familial cultural responses while fiercely guarding their personal cultures.

Personal culture

For example the teenagers of the previous post, who are as universal (similar) as human beings on earth can be. But this happens only when the teenagers are interacting with their computers. This is their personal culture—shared on an unprecedented scale—the culture of ultra-modern technological beings of a radically globalized planet. When these teenagers become professional, they easily shift to the conventions of global corporate culture and become the LinkedIn professionals.

Family’s culture

It is when people are in their family environments, the culture of their upbringing surfaces—for example a family’s love of music, self-questioning or agnostics, atheists or believers, laid-back or complacent individual of all shades: Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhists and many, many others.

Culture of the community and the nation

And then there is the culture of the community and the nation: extremely dynamic, prone to expansive generalizations, error-prone, dependent on the political flavour of the day. And, yet like the furious water raging in a river, still has stubborn land in its bottom. To each community and country its distinctive culture

So, paradoxically, in a huge crisis of disconnect, 16-year olds cultobots, rediscover the hijab –very often online and alone in chat-rooms and fly off to marry ISIS fighters. They do not at all go to their parents or communities for clarifications.

Or if the virtual world is too much out there, and the real world not quite enough, a 100 people will stand in the middle of crowd of 100, each single person alone and looking down into their phones and tablets.

And then the physical world (of bricks and mortar, snow and sun) around us all becomes a hallucination and a mirage.


Resetting the Time Zones and Bio-Clocks: What it means to be Human today

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Once upon a time, people use to rise with the sun.  The night sky was for poets and astronomers. Everyone else would be in bed. Today, I might talk to my best friend who lives on the opposite side of the earth; or my job demands that I match my working hours with a country half way across. Or I could be between 14 years to 24 years if age. I just cannot sleep at night.

And yet I do not remember what the night sky looks like. Not only because all our electricity lights up the sky, but also because time zones have become blurred with the life that has shifted over from the physical to the virtual. Night is the time when I live, work, entertain, interact and socialize.

Larks are evolving into owls. And evolution being what it is, sometimes it slows down. In this case, it has taken is less than 25 years for this very fundamental change in our habits and cultural practices.