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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Multiculturalism, Universalism And Humanism

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Multiculturalism represents a new kind of universalism, writes Gurpreet Mahajan “one where integration of individuals into the state is not predicated on a total disengagement from particularistic community ties. Rather, people are included into the nation state as members of diverse but equal ethnic groups.”
In other words, this universalism means that the state values cultural diversity and is determined to establish equal value for each group. This also means that the rights of individuals are to be accounted for only so far as they are members of communities.
This universalism does not equate the individual to the individual, but the group to the group.

Does this not go against the very foundation of equality?
Are there values that are universal to human beings that, we, in our enthusiasm for multiculturalism have been neglecting?
What is our primary definition and how should we relate to each other: as human beings or cultured beings?
Is it not now time ripe to reinstate the idea of Humanism, so mauled by Postcolonialism?